Furthering the mission and outreach of local and global not-for-profit organizations to catalyze social justice for a better today.

Building and communicating a better, more equal today.

We are mission-driven.

Individuals and organizations are constantly evolving and creating themselves to be better versions of who they are today. Mission Marketing LLC is committed to constant collaboration and creation to further our partners’ missions and outreach.

Mission Marketing is the convergence of Founder & President Cara Scarola Hansen’s professional marketing skills with her passion for service and a more just community and world.

Your mission is our mission. So, let’s get started with building and communicating your mission to create a better, more equal today.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

-George Bernard Shaw

Mission Marketing Services

Strategy | Consultation | Communications

Marketing strategy consultation, including communications, public relations, copywriting, branding, print and online advertising, social media management, and collateral design.

Our Partners in Mission share our core values.

  • Fair treatment of and respect for all individuals: each of us is significant, has value, and is loved no matter our past.
  • Commitment to a more just community and world.
  • Communication grounded in honesty and integrity.
  • Profit from work that benefits humanity.
  • Hard work and continuous self-improvement.

Our partnership means Mission Marketing believes in your not-for-profit’s mission. We instantly become an extension of your team to work in your best interest to further the outreach of your mission.